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Visi Stix Advanced Anti Fog

Innovative Applicator Design

Visi Stix Advanced Anti-Fog

A high performance advanced anti-fog, VisiStix features a unique applicator tip, allowing for increased accuracy when applying to desired surface and eliminating over-spray, waste, and mess. Helps keep glass lenses clear when wearing a face mask for added protection. Formulated for use on both glass and plastic lenses, our anti-fog provides for long-lasting clear vision for work or play. Made in the USA. 

Mask and goggles

Safety Glasses


Visi Stix Anti Fog



Anti Fog 


Swim Goggles 


safety glasses 


Visi Stix Anti-Fog

  • EASY TO USE innovative applicator design allows for PRECISE application of anti-fog, eliminating waste and mess from over-spray.
  • NO MESSY SPRAY. Dauber top helps you put the anti-fog right where you want and need it.
  • Works well for both wet and dry applications on swim goggles, safety glasses, ski and hockey masks, mirrors and glass, and many other products.
  • SAFE for use on both plastic and glass; ECO FRIENDLY and non-toxic. Product satisfaction guaranteed. Made in the USA.

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