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Clear linE frozen      water line tool 

Clear line frozen water line tool

Patented design ensures secure attachment to hot water reservoir. Firm yet flexible tubing, no syringe needed and allows for a large hot water reservoir. 







Clear Line – Frozen Water Line Tool – Patented Innovative New System – Large Hot Water Reservoir – 36 inch Firm Flex Tube – Made in the USA

  • Patented design ensures SECURE CONNECTION between hot water reservoir and 36 inches of firm but flexible tubing. Allows for optimal flow control using a SAFE and SECURE CONNECTION.
  • LARGE RESERVOIR to hold enough hot water to complete the repair job. NO NEED TO STRUGGLE with suctioning hot water into the tube and a syringe. Simply fill the 4 oz squeezable bottle with hot tap water, attach the top, and attack (and fix) the problem.
  • FIRM YET FLEXIBLE TUBING easily threads through your water tubing to get directly to the ice blockage. 36 inches to allow deep penetration if necessary.
  • SECURE ATTACHMENT insures that the bottle and tubing remain attached throughout the repair process. SAFE and EASY TO USE.
  • Made in the USA and sold by an American company.

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